Sunday, January 10, 2010


it has been 407 days since i last blogged...

i will be writing something bi-weekly at the least.
(something manageable in my life)

but i will re-start like i re-started before...
this was my first blog post, from october of 2007.

So, in the spirit of overhaul, I have began here.
Life has been listless as of late, and I am the only person with the power to change.
This blog will be a forum for my life to be displayed.
My choices critiqued.
And to exorcise the demons of the past and present.
Welcome to those who wander in, and hello again to anyone who has followed me here.

Sunday, November 23, 2008


Nothing really is new.
The Trasheteria has re-opened to much fanfare!
I just have a free moment so thought I'd update.
I spent yesterday hanging out with my brother.
Enjoy your lazy sunday as much as me.
Even though I've already cleaned, done the dishes, met a friend for breakfast, let the repairman into the cafe, and been to the gym.
So now, i can enjoy the lazy sunay guilt-free!!

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

a lil something...

I fell off the map again, for a whole month...



Once again, soo much has happened.

The new job is easing into a routine pattern, the trip to Montreal was AMAZING! I was staying at the same hotel as a certain International Recording Grammy Winning Mega-Star. You may have heard of her... Madonna? We were ecouraged not to make eye-contact if we saw her, which was really fine by me, as Montreal has soo much going on that i was barely at the St James except to sleep.

We're opening a second location, and its keeping me very very very busy!

I've lost over 100lbs now!!! i'm smaller than i was in highschool... i wear a comfortable 34 pant now, and am being told how much i look like my younger brother, which hasnt happened in 5 yrs!

i also shaved my beard off, then promptly grew it back. i looked eleven!

The bar has been on a three week shutdown, which is crazy... i've had my weekends to myself...

went to TO 2 wks ago, and got in a fight with the escalator at st clair station.... rupture the bursus in my knee, finally back to the gym, and i hardly limp at all now!

woot woot!!

more to come...

hopefully not so sporadically...


Saturday, October 18, 2008


so here's the deal...

job is busy as sin. i love it.

stepped on the scale at thanksgiving. down 95lbs. go steve!

i wear a *tight* 34 pant. havent worn that since 8th grade. again, go steve!

steve is going to the Canadian Coffee and Tea Expo in Montreal next week!

ps: I have business cards now. haha. who's life is this??

on a seperate note, i'm tring to get twitter to update to this blog, so i can micro blog from my cell. keep all of you somewhat more in the loop. if there's even any of you left. i'm reacing so many of my goals right now, that setting new ones is foreign to me. but onward and upward.

the twitter will be in conjunction with semi-regular posting and pictures. so there will be more to see and do!

thanks you guys, love you all.


(radiohead concert, molson amphitheatre, months ago...)

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Who's the Boss?

so, remember that secret and potentially awesome news I mentioned waaay back when?


I'm the new General Manager of Dreams of Beans Ltd.

Its been so busy, but soo worthwhile!

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Hiatus: OVER

Ok, so...

that was... interesting.
SUMMER is officially over today. And did you all know that fall is my most favourite of seasons?

probably because it leads to layering, which means i can buy/wear more clothes. the one vice i cannot control, no matter how hard i try.
I know i've been absent. More than absent. as an anonymous poster brought to my attention. I was living two lives this summer, the Steve of 4 jobs and 80 hour workweeks, and the Steve of old when no matter where he was, it was a party.

so, i am currently at work. once i am done, i will compile a quick batch of pictures detailing some of the highlights of this summer.

but i promise... semi -regular posting is back!